With a love of language and traditional bluegrass instrumentation, City Hotel creates an unmatched experience. Like the city of Savannah they call home, City Hotel remains fresh while being soaked in nostalgia.

Cory Chambers: Mandolin
Aaron Zimmer: Guitar
Jay Rudd: Banjo
Anthony Teixeira: Upright Bass
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City Hotel's full length release "Dogged Days" available now!

...a masterful take on the quick-stepping, down-home style they’ve honed so carefully, blending a front-row feel with crystal-clear production that doesn’t use the studio as a crutch.”

Anna Chandler, Connect Savannah

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City Hotel: Dogged Days

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After listening to the track “Dogged Days” off City Hotel’s new album, it’s clear the Savannah band has once again pulled my heart strings...you will find yourself playing their album over and over again...I recommend “Dogged Days” as the soundtrack for Savannah’s summer season.”

Adriana Iris Boatwright, Do Savannah

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